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Supply Chain Manager (In-office)

Company: Crystal D
Location: Saint Paul
Posted on: March 19, 2023

Job Description:

Job Purpose: "To turn emotions into memories" by

Developing and implementing a vision for the future of the Supply Chain department.Planning, setting, and achieving Supply Chain department goals that align with the overall vision and goals of Crystal D.Leading by example in a way that positively reinforces Crystal D values and core purpose.Managing and directing the work of the Supply Chain department personnel to meet the department and company goals in a way that aligns with Crystal D management philosophies. -Job Duties and Responsibilities - The Supply Chain Manager will be successful by fulfilling the following job responsibilities and values below personally or through Supply Chain staff. -Creates and advocates the future vision of the supply chain department. -
Develops a long term vision of the supply chain department.Creates a written plan that aligns with the vision for the Supply Chain department.Develops a series of tactics and steps needed to be to accomplish the overall vision.Ensures that the vision aligns with the overall corporate core purpose.Believes in and communicates the vision regularly. -Plans, sets, and achieves Supply Chain department goals that align with the overall goals of Crystal D. -
Develops an implementation strategy of the Supply Chain department vision.Sets deadlines for achieving the goals set for the Supply Chain department strategy.Communicates the goals clearly and inspires Supply Chain personnel to achieve them.Measures the success of the Supply Chain department by using established metrics. -Leads from the front, by example. -
Knows that leadership is not glamorous. - - Knows that leadership is a responsibility and a commitment to the greater outcome for the team.Knows that leadership is not about having power, but rather about having responsibility to empower through service to the team.Leads with passion and is the champion of the Supply Chain Vision.Inspires the confidence and trust of Supply Chain personnel and knows that they will follow with or without hesitation.Earns the respect of co-workers and is considered a leader. - - - -Manages, plans, organizes, and directs the activities related to the purchasing process and purchasing personnel. -
Establishes key performance metrics and benchmarks relating to planned purchasing and forecasting of product and materials.Sets incremental development goals for all purchasing staff in accordance with Crystal D employee development process.Measures actual performance against goals on regular basis in accordance with Crystal D employee development process.Ensures that the product and Macola databases are maintained and up to date.Ensures that best practices are used for inbound freight transactions and logistics related to purchasing of materials, equipment, and supplies, to minimized cost while meeting but not exceeding sales and production requirements.Develops, implements, and monitors purchasing reporting and analysis systems that meet but do not exceed sales and production schedule needs.Recruits, hires, trains, and develops all purchasing staff in the skills necessary to achieve Supply Chain strategic goals in accordance with Crystal D values and core purpose. - - - -Recruits and develops new and existing suppliers to maximize quality, savings, and ensures new product and growth support for future endeavors. -
Develops and maintains process for researching and developing new suppliers.Maintains an in-depth understanding of existing supplier capabilities and capacities.Negotiates or supervises the negotiation of complex requests for materials, equipment and supplies from suppliers.Prepares and reviews contracts, bids, proposals, and vendor agreements for legal correctness. -
Ensures that all supplier relationships with all Crystal D purchasing and supply chain personnel are in accordance with all company policies and align with Crystal D values and core purpose.Analyzes market in comparison with future and long term corporate goals and strategies to determine when and where to develop new or current suppliers. - -Support the Crystal D "ICE" program by anticipating customer expectations and needs. -
Ensures that timely product and all other pertinent purchasing updates are communicated to the rest of staff.Facilitates the sharing of timely and productive feedback between team members.Creates and develops internal customer expectations and problem solving processes that focus on external customer satisfaction. Knowing that "it's about the customer" at all times. - -Perform other work as Assigned. - -Direction and oversight of others: Supply Chain department personnelQualification and Skill -This position requires more than 2 years in supply chain leadership positions and/or more than 5 years in supply chain environment. -Knowledge Requirements -To be effective, this position requires specific knowledge in the principles of Supply Chain. Knowledge is normally acquired through four years of college, vocational, or technical school training resulting in a Bachelor's Degree or equivalent. - -Certifications or required class attendance.APICS CPRM - -Competencies -Technical Skills
Has extensive knowledge and experience in working with software applications that are required to fulfill the duties of this position.Has a "working" knowledge of personal computer operation. Has a "working" knowledge of current Microsoft Windows, Power Point, Outlook, Excel and Word.Uses processes and technology to improve the quality and efficiency of service or production; follows processes well, applies training effectively. - -
Can maintain and grow technical knowledge and expertise. Can be accurate, precise and pay attention to detail.Has a "working" knowledge of data flow and has extensive knowledge and experience conducting detailed business analysis.Uses analytical insight and business intuition to make correct and concise decisions that move the business forward. -Work DemandsThis position will require significant work hours beyond the normal workday based on the demands of the business cycle, customer volume of business, and specific sales efforts underway. It has a high demand for tight deadlines and immediacy in providing solutions and answers. This position entails work of a somewhat seasonal or cyclical nature. It contains work of a very precise nature. It requires a high level of concentration over an extended period of time. This position will experience moderate interruption in workflow. Travel is not required. -Physical DemandsThis position requires:
Occasional (up to 2 hours per day) bending, pushing, pulling, climbing stairs, reaching, lifting and grasping. When attending trade shows, these activities will increase to six or more hours per day. -
Frequent (2 to 5 hours per day) standing and walking. During physical Inventory Count this will as much as 8 hours. -
Continuous (6 or more hours per day) sitting, talking, and repetitive motion, hand/wrist movement (keyboarding) -
Sensory requirements: Good eyesight, normal hearing, ability to speak clearly and to be understood in the English language. -Work Schedule -This position usually works in eight (8) hour shifts during the period of 6:00 am to 7:00 pm. Hours of work are variable and will fluctuate based on the needs of the business and our customers. - - Salary: - $80-90k -Management Competencies -Selection- Understands the importance of finding and retaining the right people in each position and can select the right candidate. -Training- Can develop and carryout effective training programs that will provide employees with the skill and information they need to perform their jobs successfully. -Empowerment- Understands that empowerment is the art of providing "aligned people" with the training and development they need to succeed. - -Management - Gets things done by efficiently managing all resources provided to reach the goals of the department and company. -Leadership - Leads people and provides the environment and influence that will cause success in any situation. -Correction and Redirection- Knows how to correct performance so that performance is changed. -Performance Evaluation- Can value and define performance against standards objectively. -Employee development- Knows how to follow a plan to improve performance and prepare people in their career development. -Termination- Knows how to document employee performance, and construct a case leading to correct termination decisions. -Planning- Knows how set business goals and create steps that achieve them. -Strategic Thinking- Can see the big picture and understands how the pieces of the organization fit together. Understands Crystal D as a "brand". - - - -Crystal D Core CompetenciesIntegrity- - - - "We do what we say we'll do"
Understands how to speak truthfully.Can admit mistakes and then fix them.Is consistently at work and on time; Ensures work responsibilities are covered when absent; Arrives at meetings and appointments on time.Is able to explain the reasoning behind his/her actions. Accepts responsibility for own actions;Balances team and individual responsibilities; Exhibits objectivity and openness to others' views; Gives and welcomes feedback; Contributes to building a positive team spirit; Puts success of team above own interests;Is able to be reliable, dependable and trustworthy to customers.Understands how to play to win with moral soundness.Can keep commitments; willingly works extra hours when necessary to reach goals; Completes tasks on time or notifies appropriate person with an alternate plan.Has the ability to follow the letter and the spirit of the law and understands the difference; -Quality- "We have an unyielding persistence to improve"
Can demonstrate an understanding of continuous improvement.Knows what it means to be "expert" at his/her work.Is able to demonstrate accuracy and thoroughness; looking for ways to improve and promote quality; - -Applies feedback to improve performance; Monitors own work to ensure quality.
Knows what it means to "sweat the details".Can produce written work that is concise and to the point; with the use of proper etiquette whether for technical writing, grammar, e-mails, or office/client correspondence.Possesses original thinking and creativity; Can generate suggestions for improving work;Can develop innovative approaches and ideas;Knows how to monitor his/her own work and challenge him/herself to improve.Knows how to provide products and service that will WOW a customer.Can use intuition and reasoning to understand data completely. Grasps the situation. "Gets to the root".Is able to identify and resolves problems in a timely manner; Gathers and analyzes information skillfully; Develops alternative solutions; Works well in group problem solving situations; Uses reason even when dealing with emotional topics.Knows to avoid waste not just eliminate it.Knows the leadership of exceeding expectations. -Respect- "We treat people the way we want to be treated"
Understands the principle embedded in the "Golden Rule".Has the ability to instill positive attitudes, behaviors and confidence in co-workers by communicating caring, compassion, dignity, respect, and a sincere belief that they will succeed, and a readiness to help them to do so.Can approach others in a tactful and courteous manner; Reacts well under pressure; Treats others with respect and consideration regardless of their status or position; Understands actively listening and can attentively extract content and intention from verbal messages. Comprehending the messages in the feedback received from internal and external customers.Can focus on solving conflict, not blaming; Maintains confidentiality; Listens to others without interrupting; Keeps emotions under control; Remains open to others' ideas and tries new things.Is able to speak clearly and persuasively in positive or negative situations; listens and gets clarification; Responds well to questions; Demonstrates group presentation skills; Participates in meetings.Can balance team and individual responsibilities; Exhibits objectivity and openness to others' views; Gives and welcomes feedback; Contributes to building a positive team spirit; Puts success of team above own interests;Able to build morale and group commitments to goals and objectives; Supports everyone's efforts to succeed; Recognizes accomplishments of other team members.Can relate well to others by building rapport in the department and the organization. Is patient with fellow associates and other departments within the organization. -Commitment- "We are dedicated to the ongoing viability of the company."
Understands and personalizes the organization's purpose, vision and values; understands and supports department goals; and is willing to contribute extra effort as needed. Upholds organizational values in his/her work life.Has the ability to follow -through with requests from supervisor or customer.Is able meet both customer and business requirements, even when faced with obstacles or delays.Is willing to endure and persevere through times of testing and challenge, in the hope that positive results will occur.Is willing to work to the best of his\her ability.Is willing to maximize his\her efforts to assure the company will be profitable.Can work in the best interest of the company. - -
Understands the importance of being a good steward of company resources. -Passion- "We have the burning desire to achieve in all we do."
Understands what it means to never give upCan always pursue a positive solutionKnows the difference between having pride and taking pride in his/her work.Has and maintains awareness of style, impact, strengths and development needs; being self sufficient and motivated to take action to grow and develop.Knows what it means to approach a challenge with "no box" in mind.Knows how to always move forward.Understands the importance of always doing your best.Powered by JazzHR

Keywords: Crystal D, St. Paul , Supply Chain Manager (In-office), Executive , Saint Paul, Minnesota

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